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How To Cut Your Steak
- Oct 16, 2017 -

When cutting steak, it is suggested that you use the dull side of the blade to offer support and strength to your cutting hand.Grasp the knife’s handle with your dominant hand.Place the index finger of your dominant hand atop the back ridge of the knife’s blade (its dull side).Hold your fork with your non-dominant hand and use it to hold your food steady. You may even use the prongs of the fork to help guide your cut into a smooth, straight line.Depending on how sharp your knife is and how tough your meat is,you may find that you can cut through it with one pass or that you may need to saw back and forth a little bit.

Once you have removed your piece of meat from the larger cut of meat,place your knife so that its tip leans against your plate and its handle touches the tabletop (this avoids making a mess on the tablecloth).Switch your fork to your dominant hand. Proceed to eat that slice of meat.Switch hands again, bringing your fork back to your non-dominant hand. Grasp your knife with your dominant hand and repeat the process.