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How To Clean A Knife
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Knives of all types need to be regularly cleaned to keep them sharp, rust-free, and free of bacteria. They require special handling and care, depending on the type of knife and their various uses.

1.Wipe the knife clean right after each use. Kitchen knives will be harder to clean if you allow debris to get stuck on. After using a knife, quickly run the knife under water. Allow any food or debris to brush off and drain down the sink. If there's anything stuck on the knife, quickly wipe it down with a sponge or dish towel. Set the knife aside until you're ready to do dishes.

2.Clean with the blade pointed away from you. Once you're ready to clean the knife, use a mild dish soap. Be careful to clean the knife with the blade pointing away from you to avoid injury.

Lather a sponge in warm, soapy water. With the blade pointing away from you, gently clean the knife until you remove all food and stains.

Be careful not to scrub too fast. If you scrub vigorously or quickly, the knife could slip and you could end up getting cut. Some people feel more comfortable lying the knife on a flat counter top and scrubbing the sides one at a time. This can make injury less likely.

3.Soak the knife for a minute or two if food is stuck on. Sometimes, food will end up stuck on a kitchen knife despite your best efforts. In this case, soak the blade in shallow water for a minute or two. After this, you should be able to scrub away the food. Do not soak a knife longer than one or two minutes as this can cause rust.

4.Dry the knife. Always dry your knife with a dry, clean towel immediately after cleaning. Knives should not air dry as this can cause rust. Dry the knife with the blade facing away from you, just as you did when washing the knife.