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A Funny Story About Cheese
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Cheese is one of the easiest and most common appetizers served at dinner parties, yet there is always the common question about which knife to use with which cheese. I’ve certainly found myself in this conundrum and I often forget which knife to pair with which type of cheese.

A funny story about cheese. You may remember how The Beau and I met. Well, our first date began at his apartment for hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails before heading downtown for dancing and live music. He served his recipe for delicious homemade jalapeño margaritas and a selection of cheese and crackers. The Beau didn’t have a cheese slicer, so he purchased cheese that was pre-sliced–which he pointed out to me on our date. It was at that moment I knew we would probably spend the rest of our lives together. He put so much thought into what to serve, but in reality all he needed was a regular ol’ knife for the cheese. Also, I remember his bathroom had the most hideous combination of black and brown patterned towels, shower curtain and even a matching candle on the sink. It was a terrible ensemble, but it matched and it was obvious he had put thought into his selection, which I absolutely loved.