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Length of Tongs
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Another important feature to consider is the length of the tongs. Kitchen tongs come in various sizes, anywhere from 6-12 inches is considered common. There are also extremes, as some manufacturers make very long specialty tongs usually marketed for grilling and BBQing.

The best tongs for cooking are 12 inches long. This is the most common length used by cooks in commercial kitchens, and as an all-around length its perfect. Any shorter means your hand is going to be very close the source of the heat. Using tongs means you are trying to shield your hand from the heat, so a short pair of tongs in my opinion is counter-intuitive.

Very long grilling tongs however may look nice from an esthetic standpoint, but often they are very bulky, clumsy and hard to use. I would not recommend any tongs over 12 inches, simply because these are usually a marketing gimmick rather than a proper pair of tongs. The only time I’ve ever felt the need for a pair of tongs longer than 12 inches is when trying to reach to the bottom of a very big stock pot. I don’t think any home cook will ever run into these types of issues, and for that reason I strongly suggest a 12 inch pair of tongs for cooking.