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How to Choose the Best Tongs for Your BBQ
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Getting into grilling starts with the right equipment. When you’re looking for the best tongs to go with your BBQ, Cook’s Illustrated suggests you pay attention to three big things: length, strength, and grip.

Cook’s Illustrated tested eight different pairs of barbecue tongs by banking coals in a charcoal grill, grilling whole chickens and full slabs of ribs, and serving the resulting grilled goodness. They found that the best pair are the OXO Good Grip Locking Tongs (the 16in version recommended isn't widely available in the UK, but you can get the 12in OXO Good Trip tongs here).

Here’s the criteria they used, and what you should look for:

·         Length: Cook’s Illustrated suggests your grill tongs should be about 16 inches long. This provides ample space away from the hot grill while still giving you the leverage you need to turn your food. However, if you're not a diehard pitmaster, small 12in or 14in tongs should also suffice.

·         Strength: Your tongs should have medium strength and heaviness. Too weak and you won’t be able to hoist big cuts of meat to turn them, too strong or heavy and you’ll tire out your arms trying to keep a grip on your food.

·         Grip: Make sure your tongs can grip a variety of foods. You want ones that are delicate enough to manoeuvre small or thin things like asparagus, while still being able to open wide enough to grab onto large cuts of meat or whole vegetables. The best ones had shallow, scalloped curves that made it easy to pick things up.

Besides these three areas, make sure the tongs align evenly and that the locking mechanism is easy to undo with one hand (in case your other is full with a platter of food). Thoroughly play with your tongs before you put them into use so you know you’ve got the perfect pair.