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​Flaky cheese
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Flaky cheese

 Currently the most common in the supermarket is the flaky cheese, six packs, eight packs, twelve packs and so on, these cheese are all part of the cheese, or is called the cheese. Is the use of the original cheese after high temperature melting, add some accessories to form a different taste and texture. Color is milk yellow, relatively soft, easy to eat, that can be caught in the bread to eat, you can eat alone. McDonald's hamburger, is also the cheese. The main brands are bright, Bai Jifu, Erie, Anka, Kraft, the president, and so on. In general, the moisture content of 55%, 20% fat, 25% protein, the content of each company's products have some differences, pay attention to see the instructions on the package can be. The purchase method is: Check the packaging is intact, the surface is uniform, there should be no pores. There should be no cheese sticking to the plastic film when the inner package is torn open. Smell, there should be milk flavor, if there is a smell, that has deteriorated. The texture should be soft and hard, not sticky. As for the various tastes in this category, it is based on your own preferences.