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Cheddar cheese
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Cheddar cheese

also translated into "Cheddar" cheese. This cheese is the most widely sold cheese in the world. Cheddar cheese is a kind of raw cheese, or natural cheese. It is made from raw milk after sterilization, fermentation, coagulation, maturation and a series of complex processing technology. The above-mentioned cheese is mostly made of cheddar cheese as raw material. In general, 10 kg of milk to make 1 kg of cheese, so cheese is the essence of milk. Unfortunately, at present there is no dairy factory in China producing the original Cheddar cheese. At present in the domestic supermarket you have seen Cheddar imported. Usually 250g piece of packaging, looks a bit like soap (joking), the color is rich cream to yellow, solid texture and dense, free of bubbles. Taste has a light taste and strong points, where the package marked "Mild" and "Light" is a light Cheddar, labeled "Sharp" and "Vintage" is a strong flavor Cheddar. If you have never tasted the taste of cheese, then we recommend that you buy the soft cheese as well, or too much flavor may make you feel unaccustomed. In general, Cheddar has a moisture content of 36%, a fat content of 33%, a protein content of 31%, and 721.4 mg of calcium per 100 g of cheddar cheese! This shows that the nutritional content of cheddar cheese than the re-made cheese to be higher. Moreover, all the original cheese, which is used for fermentation of live bacteria rather than dead bacteria, which is beneficial to the human body. The purchase method is: the appearance of solid texture, there is no free moisture and fat in the package. If you can taste, then it should be a little nuts flavor, moderate acidity, if found sulfur, cooking, musty, bitter, sour, and some other smell, which shows that the piece of cheese has been broken, thousands Do not think that cheese is the smell

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